Monday, May 02, 2011

A to Z: After Action Review

Last month I participated in the A to Z challenge, as many of you may have noticed.  It was a fun filled month.  I had 46 posts last month, which is an insane number.  I gained lots of followers and started following a lot of people myself.  As I knew a lot of people doing A to Z and added more, my reader was getting about 50 to 60 entries every day.  Made it hard to keep up with stuff, comment, explore other A to Z sites, and respond to my comments.  I would like to welcome my new followers and thank my older followers for going through the craziness of A to Z with me.  Below, I have posted my A to Z posts for ease of browsing.

A-Azimov, Angel Quiz
B-Brave New Worlds , Brave Men Run
C-Cell, CassaStar
D-Death Race
E-Equilibrium, Evil Ernie
F-The Fall
G-George Takai
H-Hunger Games
J-Japanese Horror
K-Kurt Vonnegut
L-Lord of the Flies
M-Machine Girl, Military SciFi Quiz
O-Otto Octavius
P-Paolo Bacigalupi
Q-Queen, Queens of SciFi, Fantasy, and Horror, White Queen
R-Richard Matheson, The Returner
S-Superman Quiz, Neal Stephenson
T-Teen Titans Go
V-V for Vendetta, Velma, More Velma
W-Wolverine and Jubilee
X-Xena, Xenomorphs
Y-Yoshi, Yellow Ranger
Z-Timothy Zahn

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Pat Tillett said...

I didn't even participate and still ran out of time because everybody was posting everyday!
I'll have to come back and check out the ones I missed here. Good job sticking with it!